Choose Between A .Com, .Org And .Net Domain Name

Top-Level Domains And Their Uses

How Do I Choose Between A .Com, .Org And .Net Domain Name?

Most people don’t know how to choose the right domain. Many of them want to use .com, but they don’t understand that every company (and website) has a different need. Thus, it is necessary to approach the choice of a domain more seriously in order to find the most suitable one. Below you can study the top-level domains and understand which one should be chosen in a given situation.

.Com Extension

You probably know that the .com domain name is the most common and recognizable. This is why many customers will want their site to have the .com extension. Another reason people want this domain is because they think .com is the preferred extension for Google. However, is it true? Not really.

It is important to note that Google prefers one extension over the other only because many users use .com by default. Thus, many users believe that a real business site should end in .com, and Google is only showing users the assumption. Moreover, you will be surprised to find out that over 50% of all sites on the Internet use this particular domain.

So, the .com extension will help you with the rating as it is trusted by many users and is easier to remember than any other.

.org Extension

Of course, using other top-level domains is also correct and useful in certain situations. It’s not just the .com extension that has gained trust among users. You have probably also heard .org at least once, as it is also quite widely known.

Most often this extension is used for charitable and non-profit sites, since .org stands for organization. .Org was originally created for any non-profit organization back in 1985 and is still popular today.

However, you should be aware that in 2019 the restrictions were removed and commercial organizations also received the right to use this extension. Thus, Internet users now trust .org sites and view them as more authoritative than others. Thus, the correct use of this extension can increase your company’s recognition and your reputation.

.net Extension

Another popular and fairly common extension is .net. This extension is often recommended to buyers when .com is already busy. As you know, net stands for “network,” and this domain name was originally developed for umbrella sites that serve smaller sites (for example web hosting companies).

Important! If the name you want with .com is not available, you should find out if the owner is in the same industry as in before agreeing to the .net extension.

Like the above options, the .net extension is also widely known and considered authoritative and very easy to remember. So if your dream name with .com is already taken, then .net is a great option.

Fashion Or Reliability: Which Should You Choose?

Surely you have come across a huge number of sites on the Internet with interesting, catchy and even funny domains, such as or However, is it worth using something similar for your company in order to emphasize its individuality and recognition among others? Probably not.

In fact, this trend is getting out of date and now does not look interesting at all. Moreover, such domains look fun, creative, but not reliable. Thus, if you have a serious company that is important to maintain its image, the best option for you would be to use those domains that are already famous and respected. It is not worth experimenting with expansion, as it can negatively affect the image of your company. Thus, choose reliable domains, looking at which people understand that this or that site can be trusted.