Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 You Can’t Ignore

Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 You Can’t Ignore

The main Digital Marketing trend in 2020 and subsequent years is to promote business through personal brands.

If a company has a bright representative, a leader who emotions the audience, it’s a big plus for promotion. The sympathy and trust that arise to this person are automatically transferred to the company, and it affects sales.

  • It’s interesting to follow a person. The company is not. 
  • People find it interesting to read the author’s content, and company posts are impersonal.
  • A person can openly express his position. The brand is limited in scope.

Smart social media tapes, by the way, also give preference to authors. “Facebook changed algorithms in 2018 and caused a whole scandal about it.

In 2020, we at Bulbastic Agency will focus on your companies’ personal brands.

Online Sales

The coming year 2020, like all subsequent years, goes under the motto “The deeper you dig, the more chances you have to find clean water”. Immersion into the client’s business, tasks and processes – no matter what area you work in – is much more valuable than dumping and a beautiful wrapper (your services / products, etc.).
The most priority channels to focus on are video (creation and distribution of visual content), Instagram and text content. And if you are a designer, then Pinterest.

Databases for cold sales are losing relevance, in the 2020 trend, working mainly with incoming traffic. In some businesses, calls may still be relevant – where the number of companies is limited and there are a lot of clients. If they do not know about you, it is easier to call and tell.
Competition in the field of digital noticeably growing only in the lower price segment – where freelancers and small studios of 3-5 people work. There are still few companies with a high level of service and a limited pool of established ones. All of them compete with each other, but those who dive deeper into client’s problems win.

Content Marketing

Taking care of the reader, write a useful content. When strong ideas are massively replicated, their implementation suffers. Therefore, more texts appear, as if without spam, with good structure, but no more. There are unverified facts, and no semantic uniqueness. 
If a company offers services (cosmetology, logistics, education, etc.) and runs a blog, it needs author’s texts very much. So the user can believe in the notorious individual approach and high professionalism of the team.
Texts with an author’s style on the background of others – faceless and smooth – in general are a priority. Openness, naturalness, humor, irony, character – if the author can.
Who has not heard of awareness? It’s a useful thing that improves the quality of life. But when they talk about it everywhere, it starts to twitch, there is rejection. Not even the concept itself, but how often it is used: paranoia turns on and there are manipulations. It’s the same with creativity. We build water pipelines, demolish houses, insure against everything, fizzy rubber, organize cruises, help invest, bring chandeliers from Italy, conduct appraisal of employees – write us create content, with double meaning, a game of words. 
There will remain people who believe that content can sell anything. It’s a sad story. Content does not promote itself, it works only in conjunction with the product and service. Inconsistency declared to the real leads to failure, and such business becomes fuel for other, faster and more flexible.
In 2020, it can still be used for outreach and loyalty. It is clear that this game is as long as the entire content marketing. Companies will be disappointed if they go there for fast sales. 

Web Design

Trying to anticipate trends in design is, in our opinion, pointless. As a rule, it is a consequence of something else, some important events in the world or significant cultural phenomena. For example, a technological breakthrough, scientific achievements or the release of a sensational film with a non-standard atmospheric solution and presentation of material. You can’t predict, but let’s try.

In the first half of 2020, the trend will be the colour that Pantone has been chosen as the shade of the year. It’s a blue pantone – Pantone Classic Blue 19-4052. It will definitely be encountered in the design of logos, new corporate styles and other promotional materials. In addition, the combination of bright colors in the design of interfaces and advertising materials will be actively used. It will be not just a small injection, a bright accent, but the main color.

Now the combination of objects (goods, person) with geometrical figures is actively used. We began to see such solutions today. This is coming in, and thus will continue to be in the trend. We notice how drawings and cliparts with drawing of characters, animals, things change. The illustrations go towards a combination of non-standard body geometry, irregular facial shapes, thus conveying a stronger emotional message. This solution will work and develop further.
In the coming year we will have a more emotional, more sincere approach to advertising and company positioning. Users are already tired of the ads that accompany them on every click or view of content. They just do not want to notice it.


  • Live photos. Let’s start with an easy one: regular, live, unlicked photos. More natural, less graphic. You don’t have to shove your logo everywhere. A lot of branded dies have long been unnecessary for anybody. The exception to the rule is large brands, for which coverage and recognition are the priority tasks.
  • Video. This is a general trend of internet marketing, not the first year. It will stay and live. People still like to watch video, and video still better delivers brand information and/or touches the audience alive. It also includes live broadcasts.
  • Sales funnels in targeta. You can sell via target directly at one touch, if you have an inexpensive product – up to 3 thousand rubles. Next, the audience needs to warm up, which means – use the funnel. For example, first offer to pass a test, then send a mailing list with a promotional offer. And only then you can sell it in the forehead.
  • Augmented reality. Masks in “Instagram” and games. Entertained = held = won love and trust. Also masks quickly spread and increase coverage.
  • Longrides. They work perfectly in the blog and become relevant in social networks. They work because people appreciate the content, which has the answers to all questions. Getting stuck in a longride on a social network while lying in a hot bath is priceless.
  • It’s a concept. The main thing is to come up with an idea. Do not just do 3 information, 5 selling and 9 entertainment posts monthly just to make it happen. 

Bottom Line
Internet marketing is becoming more and more humanized: native advertising, streamlining, individual, bright presentation really work. However, there are still no magic pills: you can’t just choose a hyper-artistic text style or a trendy colour for your logo and thus sell everything at once.

Mobility, high adaptability, the ability to learn on the go – that’s what digital marketers need first. At the same time, picking up on top is also not a good option. Professionals with a large stock of narrow, niche experience and skills are needed more than ever.

Making a choice between high-quality video content and expert longrides becomes difficult, if not to understand the main thing: video does not displace the texts, they work in a complex and do not struggle, but together are gaining momentum.

In general, to cut it short – be natural, original and widen your knowledge with the help of Bulbastic Agency blog.